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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 22, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm JST

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>> visit our website where you >> visit our website where you will find today's recipe. -- captions by vitac -- > welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of the stories we are following this hour. israeli troops are expanding their offensive in the gaza strip as the death toll now exceeds 580 people. >> the remains of people killed in the do you think of a plane crash have been transferred for forensic study. and south korean police say
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they have confirmed the identity of the body of the owner of a sunken ferry. the u.n. ban ki moon will meet with the israel and palestinian groups to come to a resolution. health officials say 585 people, including 120 children, have been killed. many palestinians have fled their homes as the fighting intensifies. >> earlier, i spoke with nhk's
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reporter in jerusalem. >> reporter: violence has ended its second week. israeli tanks continue targeting dozens of targets overnight in gaza tuesday. these attacks have pushed the number of be casualties to nearly 600. palestinian officials tell us that this number includes civilians and children. they say earlier a monday, an israeli tank shell slammed into a hospital in central gaza killing four and wounding 70. footage of some areas where the bombs were dropped show huge craters and destroyed buildings. more than 100,000 people have evacuated their homes to shelters such as u.n.-run schools. but evacuating from gaza is indeed difficult and there's
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really no place to run for. israel has an explanation for this rising number of civilian casualties. it says hamas uses civilians as human shields. israeli is paying the price. a defense official confirmed one soldier is missing and close to 30 are killed. >> we have had two weeks of heightened violence and now high level diplomatic efforts are being made to end it. what are the chances of a cease-fire soon? >> reporter: u.n. secretary-general ban ki moon and u.n. secretary of state john kerry have met in cairo to push for an end to the fighting. they expressed concerns about the rising civilian death toll. at the same time they have urged hamas to accept an egyptian-drafted cease-fire.
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but hamas is insisting that israel lift its siege of gaza first and release its prisoners. so things might continue for some time. back in 2009 when israel launched an offensive in gaza, the operation ran for three weeks. compared to then, hamas appears to have increased its arsenal of rockets and other weapons. israeli defense force aims to stop the rockets being launched into israel and destroy hamas's underground tunnels. so analysts say that they expect the operation could continue at least as long as last time, if not longer. remains of the victims from the crash of the malaysia airlines jet in ukraine have been delivered to kharkiv. international forensic experts are gathered there.
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the flight was carrying 298 people from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. ukraine ian officials finished salvage operations monday. no survivors were found. pro-russian separatists control the crash site. they allowed the transfer of the bodies to kharkiv four days after the crash. forensic experts from five countries along with interpol are there to inspect the remains. the bodies are expected to be moved to the netherlands. families will be able to identify the victims there. more than 190 on the plane were dutch citizens. the pro-russian separatists also handed over the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder to malaysian officials. both devices are said to be in good condition. the separatists agreed to a cease-fire in areas around the crash side. they said it was to allow inspectors safe access. the separatists have faced scorn for how they handled things. the crash is also created even
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deeper divisions between russian leaders and those in the west. nhk world's craig dale has more. >> reporter: leaders from the u.s. and others blame the missile from flight 17 and killing all 298 people on board. they have been criticizing the rebels for blocking access to the site. the pro-russian separatists stopped investigators from entering the crash site. some fired their weapons into the air. the separatists are accused of contaminating the evidence, even looting luggage. and duty free bags. president barack obama asked, what are they trying to hide. now the separatists have agreed to a cease-fire within ten kilometers of the crash site so investigators can do their jobs. as to who fired that missile, the separatists are the prime suspect. russia is accused of providing the weapon and the training. the separatists blame ukraine and russian officials are saying ukraine had multiple surface to
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air missiles in the area along with a warplane at the time of the crash. russian president putin said this wouldn't have happened had the ukrainian military not started up operations against them. at the end of june. he is asking both sites to allow for a full investigation. so are delegates at the u.n. security council. they passed a resolution calling for a full and independent international investigation. the dutch foreign minister was at that meeting. he put more pressure on the russians to help investigators get answers. >> i hope that russia would now feel its responsibility, act upon its responsibility. if it doesn't, it's going to have an increasingly isolated position in the international world. >> reporter: that could include more economic sanctions. european union foreign ministers are meeting us to discuss that option. french leaders are reconsidering a more than $1.5 billion
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contract to sell two assault ships to russia. this is an unprecedented and complicated incident. so solving it will be no easy matter. the controversy surrounding the crash of flight h mh 17 has triggered protests in kuala lumpur. we're following the story. >> good evening. the russian ambassador to malaysia held a press conference on tuesday to refute accusations that moscow provided missiles to russian separatists. meanwhile tensions rise across the country. more than 100 people gathered on tuesday afternoon in front of the russian embassy in kuala lumpur. >> let us go to the evidence and
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everyone know exactly who has shot down the plane and who is responsible for it. >> at a news conference, the russian ambassador said armed separatists in eastern ukraine did not possess arms capable of shooting down a plane at 2,000 meters. she also denied that russia provided these things. >> i want to be very clear. blaming someone and aaccusing some parties without any evidence. >> a reporter mentioned claims by the u.s. that point the finger at the pro russian militants. the russian ambassador responded by mentioning u.s. claims before the iraq war. she said washington had yet to show any evidence of weapons of mass destruction belonging to the regime of saddam hussein.
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in a separate operation, the malaysian prime minister spoke. >> i must say that although agreement has been reached there remain a number of steps be required before it is completed. there is work still to be done, work which relies on continued communication in good faith. >> 43 malaysian nationals were among the victims of flight mh 17. malaysians are clearly angry as their country steel reels from the difference of malaysian flight 370 disappearance over the indian ocean. indonesia's economy is still growing but so is the number of street children. why is the number of street
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children growing in a country that continues to get richer? we report on this paradox. ♪ >> reporter: it's midnight. children appear in jakarta's entertainment district, singing on the streets, earning small change. ♪ >> reporter: this child is 16. t he's been on the streets since he was five. he sleeps here most nights. >>translator: i'm happy. i have many friends here. >> reporter: it used to be difficult for the kids to earn even the bare minimum for food, but now people are more
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avalanche -- after fluent and have become more generation with their money. street children can earn over $10 on a good day. that's more than jakarta's minimum wage. and a meal at the street vendor only costs about 18 cents. the rest of the money is used to go on an internet cafe. he watches videos there to practice his singing. ♪ >>translator: if i sing well, some people will give me $4 or more. >> reporter: but the children that with a proper education when they grow up, they are
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likely to lead unstable lives. they are often caught up in crime, including sex-related offenses. one volunteer organization is trying to help the children get off the streets. its members enter the entertainment district to talk with the kids. >>translator: your cheeks are swollen. >> reporter: many children contract infectious diseases due to unsanitary conditions. when this volunteer organization determines that a street child lacks a guardian or should be separated from his or her parents, it places a child in a facility. the children are asked to acquire vocational skills so they can live independent lives.
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>>translator: it's more fun here than on the streets. >>translator: life on the streets is no good. my friend died after being run over by a car. >> reporter: the volunteers say many children today are returning to the streets because they can make more money than before. >>translator: the children know that people will freely give them money. as long as that continues, the kids will choose the streets. >> reporter: for these children, home is the streets. however, they face unstable futures behind their smiles. it's a challenge that indoe nearbyians care about as their economy grows. nhk world, jakarta.
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>> that wraps up our bulletin. >> thanks. two trains have collided in south korea. at least one person was killed and more than 70 injured. the trains collided head on between stations in the eastern city of taebaek shortly before 6:00 p.m. local time. they were carrying 100 people. they say at least one was killed and 76 were taken to the hospital with injuries. they say others got out of the trains by themselves. police are investigating how the accident happened. south koreans have had their confidence in the transit system
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rocked in recent months. now investigators say they found the body of the man who owned the ferry that sank in april. they discovered his remains in a field and they have made a positive identification through dna testing. >> reporter: he has been missing since the capsize. investigators say finding him was key to helping them clarify the circumstances of the accident. they say they have identified his body by fingerprinting and dna testing. they found the body last month in a field in the southwestern part of the country. 293 people died in the ferry accident. 11 others are still missing. investigators say they believe the ferry was overloaded and that the operator had failed to properly secure the cargo on board. they say the company had earned
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an extra $3 million by routinely overloading the ferry. he effectively owned more than ten companies. they were run by his relatives and members of a religious sect he had links to. prosecutors have indicted the captain and executives of the operating company. they are planning to arrest yu on suspicion of embezzlement and other offenses. they believe he was negligent. they say he continued to run the ferry knowing it wasn't meeting safety standards. three months have passed since the accident. relatives and friends of the victims still want to know why it was allowed to happen. now they are concerned that yu's death will make it harder to get to the truth. japan and mongolia want to expand relations way beyond sumo
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wrestling. japan and mongolia forging ties. the leaders have reached an agreement to promote trade and investment. abe and the president of mongolia signed a joint statement in tokyo to work toward an economic partnership agreement. they said that the accord would increase the flow of goo services as well as and race the economi to a new level. the two leaders agreed to take steps to expedite the procedures for hammering out the deal. the mongolians have agreed to scrap their 5% tariff on cars and promise to provide japan with a supply of minerals. they have been calling on japan to lower its impart duties on beef. japan agreed to abolish tariffs of ten to 13% of some of mongolia's products such as fabrics and coats right after the agreement takes affect.
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>> time now for sumo. our comment tater is a round up on the action on day ten, i believe. >> when i dropped in last week, you know, several were still in contention. the championship race has narrowed sense. only one man had a spotless record. >> and we are talking about hakao. >> the monday goalian's grand champ is vying to be the third men to win 30 championship titles. he holds the all time record of 32. right now, he has 29 titles under his belt.
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he's 9-0 and without question he is the man to beat. a 35-year-old veteran has been fighting with a lot of confidence and had beaten him the previous day. takehaze finds himself in a position. now there's a man who is not really in contention but still working mentioning. tes ranking fighter osanakashaki. the 33-year-old egyptian was given a chance to compete. first on the list was kakuryu. he beat him with a last-minute beltless arm thrust. then on the following day, he
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defeated haramufugi. on sunday, he was aiming to beat to complete a clean sweep of all three. osunashi gave him all he could handle. it took him over one minute to beat the egyptian. despite his loss, he has yet to give this young ranking fighter a lot of credit for beating two of the three grand champions. in keep in mind that this is a muslim holy month of ram adan so he isn't allowed to eat during the days. that means he's fighting on an empty stomach. we'll keep you posted, from the up and coming egyptian, the best is yet to keep.
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let's check out the leaders board after ten days of assume mow. we have a familiar face at the top of the standings, undefeated hakuho all alone in first place. these two fighters are hanging in one one loss each. we'll keep watching to see whether hakuho can nail down his 30th championship. i'll be back on monday to give you the complete recap. so see you then. parts of the united states are dealing with wildfires. and our meteorologist jonathan oh is here to tell us about the situation and whether any relief is in sight jonathan. >> we are seeing a very dry weather pattern for the western half of the united states. because of that, we are seeing problems when it comes to the fire danger weather. right now we do have clouds rolling through oregon and washington state.
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but that's not telling the whole story. i need to show you video. look at this. this picture is coming out of washington state east of the cascade mountains where the wildfires are raging. so far 100 homes have been destroyed due to the blaze displacing hundreds of people. lightning caused the flare-up and has scorched more than 40,000 hectares of land. the dry gust weather, along with a serious the drought has made it easy for fires to start up in the region. more than two dozen are burning from southern california to idaho. in fact, a state of emergency is in effect for both washington and in oregon. let me show you what's happening on the weather map. high pressure is controlling the weather for the western half of the united states. it will continue to remain dry over the area. if you have any outdoor plans, do not include any outdoor burning plans because dry thunderstorms can also ignite fires along with the elevated fire weather danger down toward utah and nevada.
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meanwhile, we are seeing the opposite story for the deep south where a stationary front is dumping a lot of rain into the carolinas. that will continue as we go throughout our tuesday. also, we had a strong group of thunderstorms rolling through the upper midwest. one tornado reported in north dakota. that is moving through ontario and into quebec. it's going to be a wet forecast for you there. very hot weather in the central portions of the united states. 30s from denver into oklahoma city. under sunny skies. if you have outdoor plans there, make sure you take precautions, stay cool and hydrated because of the very hot temperatures. let's look at the forecast in east asia specifically typhoon matmo which is about to make land fall in taiwan. it is currently packing winds of 126 with gusts up to 180 kilometers per hour. it's moving to the north, northwest at 30 kilometers per hour. expected to make land fall as we go through the next couple of days. noop into southeastern china. it will move parallel through
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the eastern side of china as we go through the rest of this week. not only are the winds the big part of the story but the rain. all that moisture being dragged in and dumping rain to the philippines now affecting taiwan and eventually into southeast earn china. up to to 350 millimeters of rain. during the next 24 hours. flooding and landslides will be a big part of the story and a big concern as we go through this week. a very different story in japan for the central and western portions. high pressure is taking over the rainy season has ended over tokyo it looks like it will be warmer. the northern portions of japan contending with a cold front that's going to bring up to 100 millimeters of rainfall as we go throughout the day wednesday. 32 in tokyo. seoul dealing with rain, 27. in the eastern half of china down into taiwan and manila. dealing with rain and thunderstorms because of matmo. we wrap things it up with a look at europe. you can see the spinning low
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pressure system into the central and the areas towards balkan peninsula as we go throughout the next day, we will deal with rain. close to 100 millimeters of rainfall in southern germany and very large hailstones reported in ukraine. five september meters in diameter. strong thunderstorms are possible. look at the forecast for areas like the scandinavian peninsula. sunny skies. high of 26. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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for all of us here, thanks very much for joining us.
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in the far north of japan, a land of pristine wilderness, the shiratoka peninsula. since 2005, it's been part of the ecosystem. on both air, land and sea, there's nowhere like it in japan for wildlife. >> oh, that's incredible.


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